The Helix Education's Self-Serve Printing Benefits

Helix Education's Self-Serve Printing lets you simplify your one-off print requests with customizable, fast, on-demand printing and mailing. It’s an effective solution if you frequently send event-based or time-sensitive pieces to your internal lists.

Helix Education's Self-Serve Printing is:

Fast: Orders can be placed 24/7/365 and mailed in as few as 3 business days from the order date.

Customizable: Creative templates may be edited for each order.

On-Demand: Print and mail the exact quantity you need each time you order, with no minimum quantity.

Simple: Streamline your current process by ordering materials through a single web-store where all of your marketing materials are stored in template format.

Effective: When you submit your creative for printing, we personally review it and can make recommendations as necessary, something you won’t get from other on-demand print services. Plus, pay competitive industry rates without a minimum order so you won’t waste money ordering too many that you won’t be able to use.