Helix Education's Self-Serve Printing Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I need to provide to set-up Helix Education's Self-Serve Printing?

A. Helix will need your print-ready creative in an Adobe InDesign file, with attached fonts and images. We also need a sample mailing list file in Microsoft Excel or Coma Sperated Values (CSV) so we can set up the mailing fields, and any other variables included on your creative. You are responsible for providing a mail-ready recipient list each time you order.

Q. What if I don’t have my own creative?

A. We are happy to design creative for you at an additional cost. We will work with you to ensure we match your brand standards.

Q. Will Helix Education's Self-Serve Printing mail directly to my recipients?

A. Each time you place an order, you decide where you want that mailing to be sent. Orders may be mailed directly out to your mail-ready list, or shipped in bulk to a single location.

Q. Can I set up multiple users set-up to use Helix Education's Self-Serve Printing?

A. Yes, you may set up multiple users and decide which users are able to place orders without further approval, and which you would like to go through an approver prior to the order being placed. Helix Education's Self-Serve Printing may only have one approver.

Q. What are some examples for how I can use Self-Serve Printing?

A. Self-Serve Printing offers a variety of print options that can be used across multiple departments within your school. Here are some examples:

Marketing Admissions Financial Aid Student
Services/ Bursar
Alumni Events Athletics Other
Brochures about school Viewbooks & program catalogs Brochures with funding options Progress recognition, milestones, motivators, & class reminders Alumni calendars Invitations: open house & information sessions Postcards Book store information
Postcards with follow up info Postcards & acceptance letters Reminders Bookmarks, thank you cards & newsletters Success stories, feedback, referrals, & Facebook likes Posters & flyers Posters Cards: holidays, thank you & birthdays
Flyers, event handouts, & posters Brochures & campus maps Reference cards & letters Teacher/student communication; certificates & diplomas Postcards & Letters Giveaways & coupons Newsletters Posters announcing on-campus events
Information cards Start date reminders Approval letters Dropout indicators, students missing class, etc. Invitations to alumni events Partnership announcements Flyers Internal employee newsletters